Presenter Instructions

FLAIRS-35 is running as a hybrid conference and all presentations will be given via Zoom (even in-person presentations). Therefore every attendee is required to register to the Zoom meeting. Note that all times in the conference program are using Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Those presenting remotely need to carefully check their local time of presentation.

Detailed instructions for presenters are availabe at a separate page, please study is carefully.

Instructions for Paper Presenters (Full Papers)

Each full paper is allocated 20 minutes in the conference program (including Q&A); prepare your presentation for 15 minutes to have enough time for questions. Session chairs will monitor the time and keep the sessions strictly on schedule. Every presentation will be done via Zoom (both online and in-person presentations). Those being physically at the conference also need to bring their own laptop with Zoom installed on it to do the presentation. Presenters should arrive at their session early, introduce themselves to the session chair, and verify that screen-sharing works well. Check list for paper presenters is available at a separate page.

The following link provides guidance on giving a presentation:

Instructions for Poster Presenters (Short Papers and Poster Abstracts)

The Poster Session is organized as a two-session event. First, all posters will be presented in one-minute teasers. Next, two parallel poster sessions will run, one for physical posters and one for online posters. Check list for poster presenters is available at a separate page.

For poster teasers, prepare one slide (in PowerPoint or PDF) introducing your poster (landscape format suggested) and send it via e-mail to Michael Franklin ( by Monday, May 9, 2022. During the session, one minute is allocated to each poster. The order of presentations is specified in the conference program.

The follow-up poster session will be separate for physical posters and on-line posters.

For the physical posters (with in-person attendance), prepare and print the poster in advance (there are no printing services provided on-site). Please follow these instructions for installing your posters.

    • Time and location of the poster session is posted in the conference program.

    • Please note that FLAIRS personnel will check in periodically, but will not be present in this space continuously during setup times. If issues arise, please contact FLAIRS staff at the registration desk, or leave a message with hotel staff to the attention of FLAIRS personnel.

    • Each poster presenter will be provided with a poster board, 4 feet wide by 3 feet high - just like this. Clips will be available to attach your poster to the board prior to the poster session.

    • Poster presenters are expected to have their posters displayed by the beginning of the session and to be available to discuss their poster for the duration of the session.

    • If you want to keep your poster, you must take it with you. We suggest to remove the poster on Monday afternoon after the poster session. You cannot take the poster boards with you.

The on-line posters will be presented via Zoom only. There will be Breakout Rooms in Zoom with 3-4 poster presenters in each room. The room ID for each poster is specified in the conference program. Use screen-sharing to present your poster

The following links provide guidance on preparing a poster: