Best Paper Award

Realization of Skeptical C-inference as a SAT Problem

Christoph Beierle, Martin von Berg, and Arthur Sanin

Runner Up:

Preliminary Thoughts on Defining f(x) for Ethical Machines

Clayton Peterson and Naïma Hamrouni

Best Student Paper Award

TLMOTE: A Topic-based Language Modelling Approach for Text Oversampling

Arjun Choudhry, Seba Susan, Anmol Bansal, Anubhav Sharma

Runner Up:

The Logic of Hebbian Learning

Caleb Kisby, Saúl Blanco and Larry Moss

Investigating Protein-Protein Interactions using Tree-Structured Neural Network Models

Sudipta Singha Roy and Robert E. Mercer

Extensions on Tiered Coalition Formation Games

Nathan Arnold, Judy Goldsmith and Sarah H. Snider

Best Poster Award

Qualitative Mechanical Problem-Solving by Artificial Agents: Further Progress, Under Psychometric AI

Shreya Banerjee, Selmer Bringsjord, Michael Giancola and Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu

Best Online Poster Award

Trustworthy AI Solutions for Cyberbiosecurity Challenges in Water Supply Systems

Wan-Yi Mao, Mehmet Yardimci, Minh Nguyen, Dan Sobien, Laura Freeman, Abdul Rahman, Vinita Fordham, and Feras Batarseh

Douglas D. Dankel II Award

William Clancey

William (Bill) Clancey is recognized for his contributions to the FLAIRS conferences over many years. Bill was an invited speaker or author of a paper at FLAIRS-5, FLAIRS-14, FLAIRS-15, FLAIRS-16, FLAIRS-17, and FLAIRS-27. His vibrant enthusiasm for AI and FLAIRS, including his work at the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), made valuable contributions to the success of the conferences.